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BITA IT SHOW is the biggest IT SHOW of western India with leading Information & Communication Technology solution providers showcasing cutting edge innovations, with the primary aim to facilitate Information & Communication Technology in Trade & Commerce and encourage Technical advancement to the region.

The expansion of the show reflects the growth of the market and the escalating importance of Information & Communication Technology. BITA IT SHOW showcases a cross-section of the most groundbreaking Information & Communication products and technologies, ranging from Computer Hardware & Peripheral, Software Solutions, Smartcard Technologies, CCTV & remote monitoring control systems, Iintegrated Security Management systems. A series of value-adding events such as Seminars, Panel Discussions, Talk Shows also takes place alongside for industry leading minds to network and share ideas and experience.

In this event, we provide wide platform to all OEMs, Dealers, Service & Solution providers, Software & Hardware resellers, Education institutes, Security & surveillance, telecommunication vendors, Mobile industry etc… 

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BITA Garba Mahostav

BARODA – known as a Sanskari Nagari” that is a “Cultured City”. The city does indeed have rich cultural traditions. Baroda’s cultural enthusiasm has gained Baroda as capital of NAVRATRI Festival. As a social involvement, BITA is organizing BITA GARBA MAHOSTAV since the year 2001. Since past 12 years, BITA GARBA MAHOSTAV has carved its image in the hearts of Barodians and truly supported the philosophy of BITA GARBA – “Symphony of Technology & Tradition”. This event is always a major success and it keeps growing bigger year by year. BITA GARBA MAHOTSAV comes in 

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BITA Cricket Tournament

Rotational BITA Cricket Trophy  is an another incredible event that is organized during the month of  December every year.

This is a great opportunity to show cricketing talent and athletic skills, and most importantly have a lot of FUN.  BITA Members along with their family  together make this event memorable and play with a spirit to enjoy the SPORT.

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Today, when we look reminisce about our journey over the last 15 years, the success that BITA have attained. BITA did have vision and mission when it had began, and was determined and sanguine about success but, BITA had never ever contemplated that, the Goddess of Prosperity would bless us with so much in such a short time.

To celebrate this occasion BITA has decided to Celebrate 13th September, the day of innovation of BITA as BITA DAY every year.

This BITA Day is been celebrated with BITA family Members, Associates of BITA who have been a part of BITA`s success story. On this day every year BITA adopts a Social cause for the benefit of society.

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BITA E-waste Collection Camp

The electronic industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturing industries; it has provided a forceful leverage to the socio - economic and technological growth of a developing society. In result of this there was a rapid consumer oriented growth. Along with this a concern on rapid product obsolescence has grown. A new environmental challenge - the growing menace of “Electronics Waste” or “E-Waste” that consists of obsolete electronic devices. 

Hard to believe but less than five per cent of India's total electronic waste (E-Waste) gets recycled due to absence of proper infrastructure, legislation and framework for disposing off electronic gadgets and products that have reached the dead-end. Growing at an annual growth rate of about 20%, India generates over 4.4 lakh tones of E-Waste annually and almost half of all the unused and end-of-life electronic products lay waste in landfills, junkyards and warehouses.  This is a big concern.

As an initial initiative BITA had organized an E-Waste Collection Camp during BITA IT Show. During this 3 days camp, it has collected 04 ton of E-Waste which is highest amount of E-Waste collection in a single event. This camp would be organized each year during BITA IT SHOW to create awareness in general public.

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Training & Seminars

In today's modern Information & Communication technology era, It is necessary to have reliable ICT system to carry on almost all forms of business. In fact, a functional and efficient system is vital to the health and success of a business. To ease this process BITA organizes various Technical Upgradation Seminars and Training programs round the year for BITA Members.

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Health checkups Camp

BITA Medical Health Check-up is purely aimed for Health and Wellness and  equally  access to Wellbeing of BITA  family.

There are many avenues we can take to improve our health, which includes timely periodic "Health Check-up" for self and family Members. We must look back into our Health as both our business-style and  life-style has become very aggressive and on the toes and therefore – 'Prevention is better than cure".

BITA has taken a  initiative in this direction for the benefit of its Members and organizes health checkups camps every year for BITA family Members

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BITA Family Tour

This is a long awaited event of BITA, BITA Family Tour is generally organised around August every year.  BITA members along with their family joins the crowd to enjoy and relax, with warm hospitable service and excellent amenities and make their stay pleasurable at different locations every year.

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