E-waste Collection Camp

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The electronic industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturing industries; it has provided a forceful leverage to the socio - economic and technological growth of a developing society. In result of this there was a rapid consumer oriented growth. Along with this a concern on rapid product obsolescence has grown. A new environmental challenge - the growing menace of “Electronics Waste” or “E-Waste” that consists of obsolete electronic devices.

Hard to believe but less than five per cent of India's total electronic waste (E-Waste) gets recycled due to absence of proper infrastructure, legislation and framework for disposing off electronic gadgets and products that have reached the dead-end. Growing at an annual growth rate of about 20%, India generates over 4.4 lakh tones of E-Waste annually and almost half of all the unused and end-of-life electronic products lay waste in landfills, junkyards and warehouses.  This is a big concern.

As an initial initiative BITA had organized an E-Waste Collection Camp during BITA IT Show. During this 3 days camp, it has collected 04 ton of E-Waste which is highest amount of E-Waste collection in a single event. This camp would be organized each year during BITA IT SHOW to create awareness in general public.

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