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BITA Garba Mahotsav 2023

Time & Location
Start Date: 
15 October 2023
End Date: 
24 October 2023
About the Event

Join us as we immerse ourselves in the electrifying beats and colorful traditions of Gujarat's iconic Garba festival at BITA's Garba Mahotsav 2023. This annual celebration brings together our IT community to dance, revel, and honor the rich cultural heritage of this vibrant state.


What to Expect:


Garba Dance Extravaganza: Twirl and whirl to the rhythmic tunes of Garba, a dance form that embodies the essence of joy, unity, and devotion. Our dance floor awaits your graceful steps.


Dandiya Raas: Experience the excitement of Dandiya Raas, where colorful sticks meet in a rhythmic spectacle. Challenge your friends to a friendly Dandiya competition.


Delightful Gujarati Cuisine: Relish an array of delectable Gujarati dishes, from dhoklas to fafdas, ensuring a true culinary experience.


Traditional Attire: Don your finest traditional Gujarati attire, with vibrant chaniya cholis, kediyus, and turbans. Prizes await the best-dressed participants.


Live Music: Enjoy live musical performances that capture the heart and soul of Gujarat's folk traditions. Dance to the tunes of celebrated artists.


Join Us for Garba Mahotsav:


Garba Mahotsav 2023 promises an unforgettable experience that unites the IT community in a festive spirit, just like the lively streets of Gujarat during Navratri. Come, celebrate the heritage, the rhythm, and the vibrant traditions of Gujarat's Garba festival with us.


For event updates, ticket purchases, and inquiries, visit our website or contact our event coordinator at [Event Coordinator's Contact Information.

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